Why they chose



Delivering more sales and GDPR compliance

Carlsberg’s We Deliver More site is an eCommerce platform that allows trade customers to purchase a wide range of Point of Sale materials from one place. The existing site was outdated, which directly impacted the user experience and hindered the site’s ability to efficiently serve Carlsberg UK’s trade customers.

Carlsberg entrusted us with crafting a new eCommerce platform that would not only prioritise a seamless user experience but also drive improved conversions while adhering to GDPR compliance standards. The project's core objective was to cultivate a digital environment that aligned with Carlsberg's values, catered to user preferences, upheld privacy regulations and performed.

Pain points...

Outdated Platform: The existing website was running on an antiquated platform that was quickly becoming obsolete, leading to challenges in maintaining its functionality and keeping up with modern standards.

GDPR Compliance: Ensuring compliance with the new GDPR regulations was a significant concern, necessitating the capture of marketing preferences and permissions in a streamlined manner.

…& their impact

Escalating Costs: The maintenance costs associated with the outdated platform were on the rise, presenting financial burdens that were no longer sustainable.

Limited Functionality: The ageing infrastructure hindered the ability to make necessary changes to the site's functionality, impairing the overall user experience and hampering customer engagement.

Reduced engagement: The absence of a user-friendly account activation and login process made it difficult for customers to swiftly access the platform, leading to potential frustration and reduced engagement.

How we did it

Revamped Website

Our revamped "We Deliver More" website redefines Point of Sale purchases, offering Carlsberg trade customers an intuitive platform for streamlined procurement.

User-Friendly Onboarding

Through a strategically designed self-serve account activation area, we simplified user onboarding. Pre-populated information ensures swift and hassle-free logins.

Boosted Engagement

Beyond transactions, the new We Deliver More platform now facilitates information sharing, including events, training, and brand insights which has helped to boost engagement.

User-Friendly Onboarding

We Deliver More captures data and marketing preferences in adherence to the latest GDPR regulations. This ensures that customer data is handled responsibly while providing the flexibility to tailor interactions according to individual preferences.