Why they chose



Creating a seamless application process to improve the Howdens Careers site’s UX and information architecture

The Howdens Careers site was no longer fit for purpose and needed restructuring to accommodate its growing applicant base. Our mission was crystal clear: to design a fresh site layout and information architecture that not only simplified the application process but also encapsulated Howdens' ethos for an exceptional customer experience.

Recognising the power of user-centric design, we engaged with stakeholders, hiring managers, and recently onboarded Howdens employees to streamline the recruitment process and entice new applicants.

Elevating the Platform for a Smooth Application Process

Our objective was to reimagine the site so it would resonate with Howdens' foundational principles, draw in potential candidates and simplify the application process. This transformation was aimed at ensuring a smooth and efficient experience that benefitted applicants and hiring managers. Our solution was designed to elevate the Howdens brand experience by harmonising aesthetics with functionality.

Crafting a People-Centric User Interface

Our primary goal was to guide applicants effortlessly through the application process to the Howdens Applicant Tracking System (ATS), ensuring a seamless transition from exploration to application. We also introduced an innovative People-to-People (P2P) user interface that not only resonated with Howdens' brand identity but also integrated data-backed insights.

How we did it

Enriching User Experience through Research-Driven Design

To address stakeholders' concerns, hiring managers' needs, and applicants' pain points, we undertook in-depth research. Nearly 50 interviews and surveys were conducted, uncovering insights into the site's purpose, indispensable features, and the hurdles faced by the Howdens careers team and applicants.

Validation: From Insight to Implementation

Armed with insights, we translated theory into practice. Our design team visualised a spectrum of layouts and user journeys. These concepts evolved through refinement and optimisation using our iterative design process to ensure alignment with Howdens' objectives.

Fine-Tuning for Excellence

We presented proposed user journeys and layouts to a selected user group through 60 questionnaires that determined content delivery preferences. Through a card-sorting study, our findings gained further validation, leading to a logical content hierarchy that became the blueprint for the final site structure.

Validation: From Insight to Implementation

Working closely alongside Howdens' brand team and a third-party development agency, we brought our vision to life through an iterative methodology that ensured our designs were not only influenced by thorough research but also seamlessly integrated with Howdens' unique branding. Through this process, we crafted wireframes, visuals, and prototypes that incorporated subtle micro-interactions and enhanced user engagement.