Why they chose



Utilising eCRM and automation to drive increased sales for the club

Leicester City Football Club enlisted our expertise to develop a dynamic email template that seamlessly integrated with their existing email marketing platform. As a Premier League powerhouse, the club wanted to engage fans, drive revenue, and maintain their prestigious standards both on and off the pitch.

We were tasked with bridging the gap between the technical intricacies of HTML and user-friendliness, enabling the club's marketing team to optimise their email campaigns without the need for extensive coding know-how.

Data-driven research, data-driven audit

Our partnership with Leicester City began with a comprehensive research phase. We wanted to gain an in-depth understanding of the club's existing eCRM program and identify strengths and areas where improvements could be made. This phase involved close collaboration with the club's marketing team, enabling us to define clear objectives for the project.

During the research phase, we uncovered an opportunity to leverage the club's email platform more effectively. The existing system had significant untapped potential, particularly concerning campaign asset creation. Recognising this, we set out to harness this untapped potential to revolutionize Leicester City's eCRM program.

The solution

Our solution focused on maximising the features of Leicester City's email platform. We created custom HTML blocks that could be seamlessly integrated into the club's eCRM campaigns using a user-friendly drag-and-drop-style builder. This provided the club's marketing team with newfound flexibility and creative freedom, especially when designing assets optimised for mobile devices.

How we did it

Enhanced fan engagement

Our revamped eCRM campaign significantly elevated fan engagement. Fans responded more actively to the club's communications, resulting in increased interactions and a stronger sense of connection with Leicester City.

Optimised mobile experience

The ability to design mobile-responsive campaign assets was instrumental in catering to the growing mobile audience. The drag-and-drop builder ensured a consistent and engaging experience for fans across all devices, further solidifying the club's reach.

Streamlined campaign creation

Our streamlined campaign creation process notably improved the club’s efficiency. The marketing team could produce high-quality campaign materials more quickly and with fewer resources, freeing up valuable time and manpower for other strategic initiatives.

Optimised mobile experience

Our work with Leicester City led to a substantial increase in revenue growth. Over a relatively short span, the club experienced a surge in revenue generated through their eCRM program, underscoring the transformative power of our strategic enhancements.