Why they chose



Enhancing user experience through a global design system and Drupal 9 upgrade

Santander CCB’s existing Drupal 7 website was showing signs of age and struggled to provide the modern, seamless digital experience that their customers demanded.

The goal was twofold: to upgrade their website to the latest Drupal 9 version and to introduce a cohesive global design system that would not only modernise their online presence but also enhance the user experience.

The challenge

Our task was to modernise their digital presence, ensuring it resonated with the modern user, while also catering to the diverse commercial needs of various internal stakeholders. The website needed to be designed with scalability in mind, adaptable to future business needs, and fortified against emerging security threats. In essence, our challenge was to create a digital platform that seamlessly blended user-centric design with the strategic objectives of our client, Santander CCB, in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The solution

We devised a comprehensive solution that addressed both the technical and strategic aspects of the project. Our approach revolved around three key pillars:

Global design system integration: To ensure consistency and a unified brand experience across Santander CCB's online properties, we introduced a global design system. This incorporated Santander's brand elements, typography, colour schemes, and user interface components.  

Drupal 9 upgrade: We recognised the urgency of upgrading Santander CCB's website to the latest Drupal 9 version. This upgrade not only ensured compliance with the latest security standards but also provided the foundation for scalability and future enhancements. We migrated content and functionalities from the old Drupal 7 site to the new Drupal 9 platform, minimising disruption and data loss.

Customisable workflows: Understanding the need to accommodate various business stakeholders, we implemented customisable workflows within Drupal 9. This feature empowered Santander CCB's teams to tailor content and processes according to their specific needs, streamlining productivity and collaboration.

How we did it

Enhanced User Experience

The introduction of the global design system transformed Santander CCB's website into a visually appealing and user-friendly digital platform. Customers now enjoy a consistent, intuitive interface that aligns seamlessly with Santander's brand.

Improved Productivity

With customisable workflows in place, Santander CCB's teams experienced a substantial boost in productivity. Business stakeholders could now adapt content and processes independently, reducing bottlenecks and speeding up decision-making.

Future-Ready Scalability

Santander CCB now has a robust, future-proof platform capable of accommodating evolving business needs and industry standards. This adaptability ensures that Santander CCB remains at the forefront of digital innovation without the need for frequent and costly overhauls.

Improved Productivity

The Drupal 9 upgrade brought with it advanced security features and protocols that significantly bolstered Santander CCB's digital defences. These enhancements include robust encryption, proactive vulnerability scanning, and fortified authentication mechanisms. The result is a digital platform fortified against contemporary security threats.