Why they chose



Elevating Standard Chartered's talent attraction with employee stories

We've been working closely with Standard Chartered’s Careers team to create engaging employee stories that introduce prospective candidates to the Bank. Our primary objective? To inform and captivate potential applicants, driving them towards a career at Standard Chartered.

The employee stories delve into the professional journeys of Standard Chartered's employees, showcasing their career history, achievements, job roles, and the unique work culture that defines life at Standard Chartered. 

Crafting compelling narratives

Our approach to copywriting is simple yet effective. We aim to be authentic and relatable, providing potential candidates with a genuine understanding of what it's like to be a part of the Standard Chartered team.

In-Depth employee journeys

Each employee story we create provides readers with a comprehensive insight into the Standard Chartered experience and through the power of storytelling, we've successfully connected Standard Chartered with potential hires on a deeper level.

How we did it

Increased Candidate Interest

Our approach has led to more candidates showing interest in Standard Chartered. By giving them a real sense of what it's like to work there, we've seen a better quality of applications. We've witnessed a shift towards applicants who not only possess the requisite qualifications but also align closely with the bank's culture and values.

Success in the Greater Bay Area

In our projects targeting the Greater Bay Area, we've effectively highlighted the opportunities in the region and the benefits of working for Standard Chartered. As a result, we have attracted individuals who align with both Standard Chartered's career opportunities and its commitment to community involvement.

Improved Employer Image

Through our storytelling, the Bank is seen as a place that values its employees and offers a fulfilling work environment. This has not only attracted top talent but also improved employee satisfaction and retention.

Success in the Greater Bay Area

Our collaboration with Standard Chartered has not only attracted a broader range of candidates but has also significantly improved their engagement. Sharing relatable employee stories has sparked genuine interest among potential applicants, resulting in better-prepared interviewees and streamlined hiring processes.