Why they chose



Increasing fan engagement and improving internal efficiencies

Wolves approached us with a clear objective: to elevate their eCRM strategy to engage fans and increase revenue. 

As the club continued its remarkable ascent through the football ranks, it was imperative that their eCRM strategy was able to keep up to pace with their on-field achievements.

Laying the foundation for eCRM success

We started the campaign with a comprehensive analysis of Wolves' existing eCRM programme. While the club already managed their data proficiently and utilised a broadcast platform, we identified opportunities for growth.

The solution

Our approach was centred around redesigning critical eCRM templates to captivate Wolves' passionate fanbase. We aimed to make these templates as engaging as possible, incorporating innovative content elements to elevate the fan experience to new heights.

Understanding Wolves' eCRM system was paramount to our success. We designed the templates to seamlessly integrate with their existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition. Given Wolves' desire to take the reins of email management moving forward, we prioritised ease of use and provided them with key design assets to create content quickly and efficiently.

How we did it

Exceptional Revenue Growth

Our eCRM campaign delivered remarkable financial results for Wolves. Over a span of just 6 months, there was a staggering 281% increase in revenue through their enhanced eCRM strategy.

Enhanced Fan Engagement

As Wolves' fanbase grew more engaged with the club's communications, the time spent interacting with club content increased. This heightened engagement underscored the success of our revamped eCRM strategy and fostered a stronger sense of community among fans.

Streamlined User Experience

Beyond revenue and fan engagement, our eCRM campaign significantly improved the overall user experience. Through a comprehensive analysis of traffic and use behaviour, we delivered a user-friendly journey that reduced bounce rates and enhanced brand perception.

Enhanced Fan Engagement

Beyond financial gains and fan engagement, our work also had a profound impact on Wolves' sponsorship appeal. With an enhanced online presence and an engaged user base, the club became an even more attractive proposition for potential sponsors.